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Breakfast for Sight, Sight for All's Blindness Awareness Campaign and the link with Type 2 Diabetes.

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Premium Choice and Supporting Healthy Eyes & Healthier Eating Options

Healthy eating is not just part of our sales pitch, it is why we started our business in 1983! Providing South Australia with the finest healthier snacks and ingredients is something we truly believe in! Our first ever product was a sugar free carob coated banana which we sourced to find a healthy sugar free snack option for diabetics.

That's why supporting organisations such as @SightforAll and James Muecke AM awareness campaign around the link between type 2 diabetes and blindness is so important to us!

Dr Muecke held the Brekkie for Sight event last Thursday 17 June at the @AdelaideConventionCentre where he shared his concerns about Australia’s man-made, highly avoidable, diet-related chronic disease epidemic.


 Photos courtesy of Sight For All and Cugini Cucina.