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Premium Choice, a South Australian brand nuts about food.

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Proudly Australian owned and operated since 1983, the Premium Choice range consists of:

  • nuts,
  • dried fruits,
  • portion control snacking,
  • functional health foods (more commonly known as brainfoods and superfoods),
  • snack foods,
  • muesli and breakfast foods,
  • as well as baking and cooking ingredients.


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Our Australian born founders’ Italian heritage and passion for food is at the heart of every red pack. Their vision to continually provide Australian consumers a diverse and multicultural range of ingredients, healthier food options and snacks has established their reputation at the forefront of the South Australian food and snacking industry.

Our food philosophy is to consistently offer the finest tasting products and ingredients because our customers deserve only the best range of products to enjoy and entertain.

Our unique buying, storing and packing processes guarantees a fresher product being delivered to our consumers.

Our customer freshness guarantee is assured as we source locally wherever possible, pack in Australia, and source products regularly to guarantee an amazing taste like no other. We provide products, sustainably sourced, direct from the growers’ right to your table.                                     

Our team at Priority Health, (the South Australian manufacturing and wholesale distribution business behind the Premium Choice brand) pride ourselves on our commitment to quality products and food safety. HACCP regulated systems underpins all of our operations and we are also certified to the strict international and Australian food safety standards.

A mix of modern and traditional systems and processes has allowed the business to offer the freshest tastiest products using the finest ingredients. Our team of Premium Choice Foodies believe that by providing consumers with the freshest and finest consumable goods available we can lead the way to a more informed and healthier community.

Our team offer an extensive and expanding range of products, recipe ideas and nutritional information. Our goal is to consistently lead the food industry with the latest food trends, taking customers on an exceptional food journey unlike anything they have ever tasted or experienced before. We want to bring the outdoor dining experience into your homes with our premium quality ingredients and snacks.

We pride ourselves on offering the freshest tastiest products - each red bag is filled with only the finest ingredients.

Enjoy our tasty products with family and friends or keep them to yourself!

Premium Choice – Nuts about food.

The finest nuts, dried fruits, health foods, functional foods, snack food and baking ingredients available.