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Deluxe Xmas Gift Hamper

Deluxe Xmas Gift Hamper

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This year let Premium Choice take you for a trip down memory lane. Our festive snack and treat hampers will bring back memories of your childhood holidays. Every bite a delight of Australian Christmas nostalgia.

This Hamper Includes: Fyna White Choc Bullets PC Licorice Allsorts Robern Fruchocs PC Glazed Peanuts PC Soya Crisps PC R/Salted Cashews PC Licorice Strawberry Twist PC R/Salted Peanuts PC Chickpea Chips Original Fyna Milk Choc Bullets PC Rice Crackers Spicy PC Pretzels PC Rice Crackers Coloured PC Apricots Turkish PC Sugared Peanuts PC Goodtimes Mix PC BBQ Rice Crackers

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Deluxe Xmas Gift Hamper

 Product Code: XX3000

Category: Gifting

Brand: Priority Health

Weight: 3kg

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