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Premium Choice Australian Almond Blanched Meal 10x400g

Premium Choice Australian Almond Blanched Meal 10x400g

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Almond Meal Blanched is made from delicious fresh Australian Almonds.

These almonds have been lightly blanched to remove the outer skin, before being ground to a light meal or flour.

It has a slightly sweet nutty flavour and aroma, and a finer texture than whole almond meal.

This Blanched Almond Meal is preservative free, non GMO and has nothing artificial added.

Almond Meal can be used in savoury and sweet dishes. It is scrumptious in baked or raw goodies, and can be used to replace flour in baking recipes. The finer texture of this blanched meal makes it ideal for shortbread and lighter cake recipes.

A tasty and nutritious alternative to flour. Ideal for crumbing, stuffing or to thicken soups or stews.

PC Almond Meal Blanched/Flour Australian 400g

 Product Code: TA2687

Category: Baking and Cooking Ingredients

Brand: Premium Choice

Weight: 4kg

Product Classification:

Gluten Free
No Added Sugar
Lactose Free
Low GI
Product Of Australia

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