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Priority Health now stocks Eureka Oils!

Eureka oils let you care naturally for your family and your home. The range includes 100% pure oils as well as water soluble oils which can be used straight from the bottle.

From the temporary relief of migraines to freshening up laundry, Eureka oils have hundreds of uses to aid your health and make your home environment more natural.

Eureka offers a range of key essential oils in Eucalyptus, Lavender and Tea Tree to help you care for your home and family naturally. Eureka products are natural, high quality and competitively priced.

Eureka products are manufactured in Ballina, New South Wales at a TGA certified pharmaceutical standard manufacturing facility.

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Eureka Lavender Oil 100% Pure 10ml
Eureka Lavender Oil 20% 50ml
Eureka Eucalyptus Oil 20% 200ml
Eureka Tea Tree Oil 20% 50ml
Eureka Tea Tree Oil 20% 100ml

Priority Health now stocks Eureka Oils!