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Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our food philosophy is to deliver the freshest tastiest products using only the finest ingredients. Premium Choice are an Australian owned brand sourcing premium quality nuts, dried fruit, functional health foods and snack foods since 1983.

In order for you to be able to enjoy our products with family and friends and to guarantee a freshness like no other we have created our Customer Freshness Trail Guarantee by:

·         sourcing quality, sustainable ingredients regularly;

·         sourcing ingredients locally prior to sourcing offshore ingredients;

·         locally cooking and packing our product in small batches

·         to ensure products are delivered direct to your local store.

Our Freshness Trail revolves around the fresh farm to table concept. We have created a freshness trail for you, because we care about our community. We care about what our customers are eating and what they are putting into their body and how that affects our environment.

We believe that fresh products are:

·         Good for your health,

·         Deliver better flavour when snacking and using in recipes,

·         That supplying our customers with seasonal products which enables us to provide customers with the best price possible,

·         Our buyers go one step further, by selecting the best grade of product  from the years seasonal crop,  to ensure that we are packing an exceptional product for you.

If for any reason, you are unhappy with the quality of the product you have purchased then contact us on 08 8245 8888 or email us at* and we will endeavour to make things right.

The Premium Choice Team

Premium Choice - fresher tastes better, for all your health foods, functional foods, nuts, dried fruits and snack food needs.

*Please be advised that all product satisfaction queries need to be made in writing to