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Barnes Natural Active 5+ Manuka Honey 6x250g

Barnes Natural Active 5+ Manuka Honey 6x250g

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Active honeys are sourced from the flowering plant species of Leptospermum that are native to Australia and New Zealand. The indigenous people from both lands have been using Manuka in their traditional medicines for centuries. Honey is naturally antimicrobial arising from factors such as the osmolarity, pH, hydrogen peroxide content and saturation of sugars. Active honeys have a far greater antibacterial capability to normal honey. Manuka honey contains a heightened stable form of natural antibacterial activity often known as Non-Peroxide Activity (NPA). Active Manuka Honey is sold with varying levels of antibacterial activity, which is assigned using a rating such as Active 5+, 10+ or 15+. The scale relates to the increasing antibacterial inhibition effect of the honey on cultured bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus), in comparison to what phenol achieves. Phenol is a strong organic compound that has clear antibacterial effects, providing a stable standard for comparison purposes.

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