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Nerada Organic Chai 25 Teabags 8x46g

Nerada Organic Chai 25 Teabags 8x46g

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'Chai' is the word for 'Tea' in many parts of the world. Popular in India, Chai is a sweet, spiced milk tea also known as 'Masala' tea. Savoured for its rich and complex flavours, many people who have travelled through India and Asia have come home with fond chai drinking experiences. Nerada Organic Chai is a special blend of imported organic black tea and organic spices bringing that classic chai experience to your cup. The ingredients have been grown using only natures natural resources. No pesticides, fungicides or artificial chemical fertilisers have used in the cultivation of this tea. They are certfied to have been grown, processed and packed to the International Organic Standard (IFOAM). Faor Trade Certified. Australian Certified Organic.

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Brand: Nerada

Weight: 368g

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